Showbox app 2019

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What is Showbox app

showbox app is a free online tool to watch app your favourite movies and TV shows.
How do showbox works
Showbox is a meta search engine which scraps data from various parts of the internet and loads it on your phone for free

Features of showbox app

Showbox app is a free android application and have really great features to use

Some of the features of showbox are mentioned below
Showbox for Android is the fastest all the movies streaming industry.
You can easily stream any movie or TV show in any desired resolution.

Different resolutions

You can watch all your favourite movies and TV shows in any preferred resolution you want from 360p to 1080p or may be in 1920p.

Easy to understand

Showbox app is not complex at all and even a 7 year old kid can understand
The UI simple and easy to understand and any one who can read can understand the app and all functions of the app without any problems.

Hardware acceleration

Showbox app for Android is now well optimised in the latest update.
Now the cpu usage is less then before because the app has updated the database and now most of the process is done outside ie on showbox serves.
Showbox servers are spread throughout the world and you can use them from any where for free.

Download Showbox app APK 

Here is the download button for showbox

Battery optimisation 

Battery optimisation is a great feature used given by showbox.
In this feature you can optimise your battery performance by showbox.
Showbox APK was lately draining too much of battery.
But now after the latest update the battery consumption has decreased by 90%.


Why is showbox free.

Showbox app is a great app for watching movies and TV shows for free.
The app earns money from advertisments from different industries like startapps and other app ad serving network.

How to download movies in showbox app.

On the app you can easily Download movies by finding on your favourite moive.
Click on the movie.
Scroll right.
You will find all links choose a desired link quality and click on download.
And done.